5 Reasons To Dolphin & Whale Watching Tours


Whale watching is a feast to the eyes and is also associated with stress relieving. Dolphin and Whale watching tours are a major part of Outdoor activities coupled with boat tours, suitable for you and your family to have maximum during your vacation. There are many options to go whale watching but it is safe and more fun to go with a professional tour group. Here are 5 reasons to go dolphin and whale watching in any city of the world.

  1. See The Whales Up Close

You might have seen dolphins and whales in movies, and have read a lot about them in books about their huge sizes and unique jumps; but you haven’t seen them up close and personal. A whale watching tour is your chance to see them up close and mark it down in your list of adventures as a milestone. The experience of seeing them jump right in front of you, in and out of water is something you can’t forget in a lifetime.


  1. A Memorable Boat Ride

A whale watching tour comes with a sweet boat ride – a double factor fun. As you witness the dolphins and whales do their thing, the open oceans will also be hitting you with cold and fresh air, making the experience both relaxing and memorable.


  1. More Than Just Whales And Dolphins

More than just whales and dolphins, there are chances of spotting dugong and even turtles on your journey. You will also feed your eyes with the sight of friendliest marine creatures, expressing their excitement upon seeing you. Your vacation will surely be remembered for a long time.


  1. Affordable Way To Spend A Day

It is not costly to take your family or your partner on a whale watching tour, and if you are going as a tour group, you will be most likely provided with food on-board the boat/cruise ship amidst other great activities. You will be spending less to have more fun.


  1. Capture The Moment

On a dolphin or whale watching tour, cameras are not prohibited so don’t leave them at home. Capturing the moment a whale or dolphin jumps out of the water in excitement is an achievement, but be careful as water may damage your electronic devices if fallen into it.

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