All about Online poker money withdrawal methods

So, you won some good money by playing poker games and you want to withdraw the amount. Or you are new to the game but are not sure about the withdrawal procedures. No matter what is the real cause of being here, you will get some good information here. This guide is all about poker winning withdrawals. Therefore, you will get a good knowledge of the deposit and withdrawal procedure of situs online poker.

About poker withdrawals

Neither selecting a good poker site is easy nor winning but deposit and money withdrawals are easy. You need nothing except an e-wallet or card. Go to the cashier and deposit the amount. Moreover, the options are countless and the limits are big.

What about cashing out? Are all the options safe? What if the process takes more time? These questions will come in your head when you are about to cash out big winning amount.

What about withdrawals?

The deposit will appear on the same day but your withdrawal will take time. Moreover, not all banking options are the same and safe. Some sites offer VISA card option to make deposit but the same is not available at the time of withdrawal. On the other hand, some offer credit card or e-wallet options but only bank transfer is allowed for withdrawal.

Therefore, you must pick situs online poker that offers the same options for deposit and withdrawals. So, don’t forget to finish your homework before you put money in the game.

Cash-out- what about it?

The cash-out process is simple and same for funds withdrawal. Click to log in on the respective poker site where you won the game. Find the cashier option and hit the fund withdrawal tab. choose a banking option and enter the cash-out amount. Finally, click on submit and get the money gamepokerqq terbaik.

However, there may be restrictions on the minimum amount so must read the site’s policy. Check out the payment methods and maximum withdrawal limit. A good site clearly states its policy at the cashier option. In case, you are not clear about it then take help from a customer support agent.

What about net deposits?

In addition to the cash-out option, some sites have a net deposit option. Here, a player can make a deposit using either a debit or credit card and can use same for withdrawals. For instance, you deposit $10 each with VISA and NETELLER then the withdrawal will go to both the option. However, the limit will be only $10 for each.

Net deposits are good as they ensure safety by following the security protocols properly. It is easy for sites to identify money-laundering and theft.

What about cash-out times?

Cash-out times usually depends on three factors- where you live, payment method and situs online poker. However, withdrawal using a credit card or debit card takes 2-5 days of working. Meanwhile, a paper check request which some poker rooms offer takes standard time of a few weeks.

Also, check the restriction made at some sites for use of credit cards. Alternatively, use e-wallet for withdrawals because they are easy and applicable everywhere.