All about pre-insurance medical check-up in health insurance


This is about health and all your health details are important in buying a health insurance policy. A pre-insurance medical check-up is an examination taken to know about your health status. Some health insurers need the results to determine whether or not you are eligible for the cover. Other insurers do not ask for pre-insurance check-up. It does not apply to all policy holders either. There is a specific age group that is asked to take the check-up. Some insurance policy buyers do not like pre-insurance check-ups. Why? Because they have some self-inflicted problems and they would like to keep it a secret. Why be afraid? Living an unhealthy lifestyle can bring you problems including insecurities.

Importance of pre-insurance medical check up

Discovering existing illnesses

When you run away from pre-insurance medical check-up, you are putting your life in danger. Pre-insurance medical check-ups help policy providers know about any existing illness. With this information, they are able to advice you on the suitable insurance cover. You will get a cover that is in line with any illness found. To you, if you had not known about it, you will get to know. If you avoided it, would you have known about it? Some illnesses eat us from within. The signs show when it is too late. This is why you are advised to have regular medical check-ups. Will you manage to go for these check-ups without a cover? And how will you get a cover if you don’t want to get pre-insurance check-up? As much as not all policy providers ask for it, it is worth every minute. Know the status of your body.

Reduced premiums

An insurer determines premiums depending with the risks the insured has. If you have more health risks, you will pay higher premiums than the one with less risks. I find this good because you pay according to your risks. If there was no affordable health insurance medical check-ups, some people would pay more than they should. As a policy holder, know exactly what you are paying for. Do not think that the procedure is beneficial to the insurer only. Both parties are depending on the results.

Better method of filing claims

Per-determined medical check-up give a record of any pre-existing illnesses. In case of a condition arising from an existing illness, claims are able to be made. When an insurance company is unable to prove a pre-existing illness, the claim is likely to be declined. It might be deemed that the policy holder intentionally withheld the information. Asymmetry in this case might lead to inconveniences. Filing and investigating a claim is easier and quick when all health records are available.

Proper insurance plan

As a policy holder, you might not be conversant with health insurance. The insurance company offers different health plans. To determine the best health insurance option for you, this process is important. It ensures that you are not underinsured. When your health condition is known to your insurer, you get the best plan. Do not receive underinsurance because you are afraid of getting tested. Many people are afraid so many illnesses will be discovered. Would you rather live with critical illnesses or get them diagnosed?

Things you should know about pre-insurance medical check-up

The cost could be the biggest worry for many in need of a policy. However, you should first consider the benefits of this processes before looking at the cost. Nevertheless, at least half of the check-up cost is met by the insurance company requesting. Due to the rising completion in insurance, many companies prefer to bear the cost. This is to keep on top of the competition and get more clients. I prefer putting money as the last factor of consideration. Looking at the benefits, you should know how much you will save once covered. Mostly, people at the age of 40 years and above go through this processes. After the results are out, a couple of things will happen.

Possible things to happen after the results are out

Premium determination. Chances are, you will pay higher premiums. When it is found out that you have higher risks, your premiums might be increased. At least you’ve got the cover, but be ready to pay more than others. I think it is worth it, rather than hiding the condition and getting underinsured. If you are not at a risk of any existing illnesses, your premiums are reduced.

Partial coverage. This means that you will get the cover but any existing illness will not be covered. In this case, the insured cannot file any claims if treated on any problem arising from the existing illness. This happens when the illness is found to be too risky to be covered. Still, you have secured the policy and you have known about any other ailment.

Proposal rejection. I would rather receiving rejection at this stage, than hiding an ailment and your claims are declined. Reasons why a proposal is rejected could be that the illness is risky. Another thing is in case it will need constant treatment. These two are the major reasons for your policy proposal being rejected. However, looking at the outcomes, you will realize the check-up is better. It is only under extreme condition that your proposal is rejected. You should not be afraid of getting pre-insurance check-up. The benefits are more than the disadvantages.


To get good health insurance options, you must be true to yourself and your insurance company. Do not allow fear to get on your way. As a citizen, you should take advantage of any health beneficial services available. Your life is more important than anything else. As a youth, lead a good lifestyle to avoid contacting some ailments that will interfere with your health. You should be knowing some of the ways to have a healthy lifestyle.