Berenguer Baby Dolls – Bringing Realism to a New Level

Anyone who is interested in collecting dolls will have heard of Berenguer baby dolls. These are dolls which have been designed and sculpted to warm the hearts of not just doll collectors but children as well. Certainly this is a company who have been producing high quality baby dolls for more than 50 years and this is why they remain so popular with so many.

Previously all the sculpting of these dolls would take place in Spain where Salvador Berenguer the founder of this company lived. However, today because of the popularity of these particular baby dolls production has now been moved to china. Yet still the quality of the baby dolls being produced remains high.

But with the move to China this has allowed the Berenguer Company to expand the range of dolls that they can provide to their customers. Along with fun and versatile dolls made all from vinyl, they also have soft body dolls along with toddlers as well. Plus ラブドール 半身 they have created a range of mini dolls again with all the realistic features you see on the other models that measure just 9.5 inches high.

When it comes to Berenguer baby dolls although you may buy one from a particular range what you need to remember that each one has been hand sculpted. So what you can be assured of is that each doll will be completely unique in the way that they look.

In fact because these dolls look so realistic that there has been some confusion when people don’t know about these dolls see them for the first time. There have even been cases where police have been called to break into a vehicle in order to rescue a child from a car that has been left on its own.

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