Best art galleries in Brisbane

Brisbane has long been known as a city of sunshine and outdoor activities. Today, more and more people are seeing it as a place for fine arts too. Brisbane is home to many art galleries that showcase both local and international artists’ work. These art galleries represent various movements such as Postmodernism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Cubism, and more.

The following is a list of Brisbane’s best art galleries:

1) Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) – Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

The Spring Hill area is where you can find the Gallery of Modern Art, sometimes shortened to GOMA. It was built in December 1996 and has since been a landmark art institution in Brisbane. The GOMA building is most known for its curved red facade, an iconic feature that distinguishes it from all other buildings.

The gallery showcases works of artists from Australia and international artists. The museum also has its own collection that contains more than 1,500 artworks. Some of the most notable artists in this gallery are Pablo Picasso, William Kentridge, Phyllida Barlow, Richard Artschwager, Frank Stella, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol among others.

GOMA also has two exhibition spaces that show small exhibits. The smallest of these spaces is called the “Tank Room” and holds only 15 people, seating-wise. This particular space is used for talks and performances. On the other hand, the largest space can accommodate up to 350 people and features a ramp with glass balustrades. This space has hosted concerts and fashion shows, among others. If you are interested in seeing the GOMA building itself, there is a lookout point where you can see it from across the river, next to Thomas St.

Address: Stanley Pl (Spring Hill), Queensland 4000 | City of Brisbane

2) Phillip Bacon Galleries: Art Gallery | Phillip Bacon Galleries

This art gallery is located in the Valley. The building that houses it used to be a warehouse for wool storage. Following this, it became an import-export warehouse before being converted into 6 galleries. It is now home to both national and international artists, presenting them with spaces where they can showcase their works among other artists’ works.

Phillip Bacon Galleries, like GOMA, has its own collection of artworks. This collection features the works of Andy Warhol, Fernando Botero, Pablo Picasso, David Boyd among other important Australian and international artists.

Address: 84 Charlotte St (Brisbane CBD), Queensland 4000 | City of Brisbane

3) Strand Ephemera: Art Gallery | Strand Ephemera

The Strand near the Central Business District is where you can find this art gallery. The gallery has a space that features several rooms including a cafe, a room for showing vintage movies, and a storeroom. Each of these rooms has their own unique designs that reflect the personality of this art gallery.

Strand Ephemera features a wide range of Australian and international artists from various movements such as Postmodernism, Surrealism, Pop Art, Cubism among others. It has its own collection that includes works from French artists such as Henri Matisse and Jean Dubuffet.

Address: Shop 5, 33 The Strand (Brisbane CBD), Queensland 4000 | City of Brisbane

4) Gallery of Modern Art at the University of Queensland: Art Gallery | University of Queensland

The Gallery of Modern Art at the University of Queensland is located on the grounds of UQ’s St Lucia Campus. It was opened in November 1975 and has since been home to up-and-coming artists that show their works in national shows.

The Gallery of Modern Art houses a range of artworks from both Australian and international artists such as Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso among others. It also has its own collection that includes paintings done by some of the most acclaimed Australian painters such as Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan among others.

Address: The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus (St Lucia), Queensland 4067 | City of Brisbane

5) Bayside Art Gallery: Art Gallery | Bayside Art Gallery

Bayside Art Gallery is located on the Redlands pocket of Cleveland, south of Brisbane CBD. The gallery was established in 1977 and has since been showcasing both Australian and international artists.

Some of the most notable artists whose artworks you can see at Bayside Art Gallery include Howard Arkley, Sam Fullbrook, Justine Varga among others. The gallery is home to a collection that features works by artists such as David Bomberg, Joseph Beuys, Sean Scully among others.

Address: 7 Stumpy Gully Rd (Cleveland), Queensland 4163 | City of Brisbane


Brisbane has some of the best art galleries. The five listed above are only a small fraction of them. If you are interested in more art galleries, you can go on an Art Gallery Crawl around the city that includes both indoor and outdoor galleries. Happy gallery-hopping!

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