Cinematic Wedding Videographer

cinematic wedding videographer

If you’re planning a lavishly stylized wedding video, you might want to consider hiring a cinematic wedding videographer. In fact, there are many such professionals. This article will briefly outline the services of some of them. You can also find reviews for different wedding videographers such as Fontaine, Smith, Allen, and Smith. These professionals have unique styles and can capture the essence of your day perfectly.

Abe Halpert

Abe Halpert, a filmmaker, studied art theory, art history, and production at college. He first worked in the editing room of a New York production company, then pursued freelance work. Then, in 2014, he began producing wedding videos for brides and grooms. His work is now regarded as one of the most beautiful, moving. Here are three things to know about the cinematic wedding videographer:


Cinematic wedding videographer Fontaine is well-known for creating stylized wedding videos. The Super 8 film videos are her best-known wedding video. Fontaine has been documenting weddings for over a decade. These films have a classic feel and include flickering color palettes and spontaneous handheld effects. Standard packages include a 5- to 7-minute highlight film. Clients can also choose multiple cameras or additional hours of coverage.


You’ve found the right place if you’re looking to hire a cinematic videographer for your wedding. Brian D. Smith is an experienced wedding videographer and wedding photographer living in Charleston, South Carolina. He has experience shooting weddings on different types of film and uses a Sony a7III as his backup camera. Wedding videography is a great way of preserving the memories of your special day. It will allow you to look back on every moment and share them with your loved ones for many years to come.


With more than three decades of experience shooting weddings, cinematic wedding videographer Allen focuses on capturing candid moments of your special day. Using both HD and vintage Super 8 cameras, he promises to make his presence completely transparent. He can edit your wedding video using color or black-and-white film. Allen can also include live audio and outtakes in the production of his films, as well as traditional videography.

Fontaine is a cinematic videographer for weddings

Fontaine, a Seattle-based videographer, is the best choice if you’re looking for a well-crafted wedding video. Fontaine, a lifelong filmmaker and cinematographer, has been documenting weddings since 2000. Her signature Super 8 film videos evoke a romantic, vintage feel with their flickering color palettes and spontaneous handheld effects. Her wedding packages start at $7,000 for mixed media, which includes Super 8 film and HD video.

Smith is a pro at storytelling

Hire 87 and Smith if you are looking for a Washington, DC wedding videographer. This team is committed to telling stories and capturing weddings in an elegant, yet discreet manner. They want you to enjoy your big day as much as possible. But don’t be fooled by their quiet, unobtrusive style – they’re not for everyone. Smith’s work is not the typical “stick out” or “run around” style of wedding videography.

Smith uses a high-definition camera

The best cinematic wedding videos begin inside the camera. This is why Smith uses a high-definition camera to capture your special day. Smith’s videography packages include everything, including pre-ceremony footage, toasts at reception and outtakes. Couples report that the audio from the video is one their most treasured memories. Smith also uses a high-definition camera, and edits the video using an editing software program.

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