Future Of Toys, DIY Crafts Kits “In Online Retailing”, According To PROLOSO

GUANG ZHOU, CHINA, July 17th, 2018– While consumers turn to the webin droves to fulfill their shopping needs, there is one particular category of shoppers that seemshow a clear preference in making their purchases online versus in brick-and-mortar stores: parents. PROSOLO, the leading ecommerce retailer of toys, DIY crafts kits, party favors, bouncy toys, squishy toys and novelties, recently commented on the status of theglobal toy market – and the reasons that have led to the company being popular beyond Chinese borders.Proloso is a one stop store for bulk toys assortments.

“With the proliferation of YouTube videos wherein the so-called “unboxers” test out fun novelty prImage result for Inspired kid toysoducts and toys, millennial parents – and even kid viewers – have become accustomed to making their purchases with the click of a button” said Mr. YouLong Deng, PROLOSO Co.Ltd media representative.

He continued, “PROLOSO stands out from the competition by not only staying ahead of emerging trends – but by creating new ones, too. We were among the first to introduce slime kits for kids, before they became a hit with YouTubers from around the world. We also maintain an impeccable collection of party favors, which we constantly update with the addition of new items that are sure to become a hit with our customers worldwide – and dominate their social media feeds, too!”

One of the most famous toy companies in China, PROLOSO stands out for its high quality products and its exceptional customer service. PROLOSO’s innovation and excellence has resulted in the company establishing a global partner network with a strong presence in Europe as well as in the Americas.

PROLOSO’s immediate plans include setting up a V.I.P. system which will help in upgrade customer service across the board, as well as the revamping of its website’s user interface.

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