General public Awareness of Government Marketing campaign on Using tobacco – Cigarette Pack

Govt Warning: Cigarette Cigarette smoking is Hazardous to your Overall health”, is this marketing campaign effective ample on Cigarette Packs or Holder?

General public Observation

If you are a keen observer, specially if you are smoker, you discovered on every single pack of cigarette label the words and phrases “Authorities Warning: Cigarette Smoking is unsafe to your Overall health” or “Government Warning: Cigarette smoking kills.” Cigarette Manufacturing machinery may possibly differ from makes or Countries regulating the use of Cigarette. What is critical about this warning, when you gentle up a cigarette and start off puffing the smoke you are often informed about the possible potential risks of smoking, which means you are liable to your health.

In Fact

Every single calendar year, one particular of the key trigger of demise around the world is the addictive use of cigar or cigarette that leads to Lung Most cancers and Cigarette smoking connected disease. Is the warning label on cigarette pack genuinely efficient sufficient in the campaign of reducing the mortality fee of people caused by smoking cigarettes?


All nations, Government applying physique must have the political will and come up with other choices to address this imbalance. Cigarette Manufacturers earns a enormous reduce every single year while many folks die from their solution each and every 12 months. Warning labels on cigarette packs,cases and holders ought to not be utilized as a loophole by the cigarette producer in warning the general public. I Just surprise, what if Marlboro and Philip Morris have on their label ” Authorities Warning: smoke at most two stick a day to lessen smoking danger”. My positive guest, The mortality fee of dying by smoking cigarettes will lessen as well as to the income of Cigarette Producers which they do not like.

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