Is Football Creating the Planet a Better Location?

It is fair to say that most football fans view the players as vastly overpaid. Few would argue that some of the wage demands are obscene, an outright show of sheer greed. Of course this does not stop the fans, willingly or unwillingly, handing over their money.

What about the players themselves, how do they really feel? Well, usually they will describe themselves as lucky or possibly blessed they could speak of their disbelief at getting exactly where they are. How several times have we heard “I in some cases pinch myself to make certain I’m not dreaming”? But do they feel guilty?

Guilty, is not a word I personally have heard made use of, nevertheless I am inclined to consider some of the contributions of time and money given to charities is motivated by guilt. This is no negative point and probably applies to a lot charitable giving in basic.

ไฮไลท์ฟุตบอลล่าสุด am very specific there are some pretty generous footballers, some of whom are effectively publicised and other folks much less so, if at all. To quote 1 player recognized by the singular name Deco “Footballers make a lot of money. If they all gave a thing back they could make a true difference to the planet”. The implication here is yours to determine, but of the mega billions football generates charities see a mere pittance.

Significantly of the sensible contributions produced are directed toward helping young people boost their lives through football. The aim is to reduce criminal and antisocial behaviour. No 1 can question a measure of success that runs into thousands, even hundreds of thousands.

Now take into consideration the hundreds of millions who watch football, quite a few of whom are young. What a amazing opportunity this is to influence the adoring fans. Instead the public are exposed to lying, cheating, swearing, screaming, arguing and violent conduct. These actions are repeatedly justified by trotting out the nicely worn line “it’s all aspect and parcel of the game”.

In a recent interview the Liverpool “star” Luis Suarez stated “People can call me what they want, but I still sleep soundly each and every night”. He was referring to being called a racist, diver and cheat. He continued “what matters most to me is my family, the Liverpool fans and the group,anything else that goes on is not my trouble”. Sadly reader reaction to his comments was for the most component favorable.

An expression regularly used by players is “I want to make a distinction in the lives of young individuals”. And but each time they pull on the shirt they are “so proud to wear” the chance is there to make a difference by behaving in a dignified way that promotes honesty and integrity. The irony is it charges definitely nothing.

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