Most Known Sales Force Automation Software Solutions: Strengths and Weaknesses

If you are still not sure what sales force automation software is, it is basically a customer relationship management software. At the core, these solutions are the same as CRM solutions, but they focus mostly on sales with their features and functionalities. So, if this area of business is the only place where you are looking to improve, getting one is the right way to go.

But which solution should you choose? As soon as you start looking for one, you will notice that there are so many options available that vendors are all saying pretty much the same thing about their solutions. This is why we’ve decided to make this process easier for you. We’ve created this list of the most famous sales automation software solutions and we will tell you a bit about each one and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.



Pipedrive is designed to provide an intuitive and effective overview of the whole sales pipeline. Sales teams love this solution because it has a convenient sales pipeline methodology.

All of the deals are displayed according to their current sale stages and manages can always see how well teams are performing and make the right changes. It is possible to monitor the performance of individuals but also how well certain deals are performing.


  • Easy to use
  • Various integrations with Google services
  • Good FAQ section
  • Good amount of customization options


  • It is very simplistic and might not be suitable for complex sales processes
  • Only web-based software available
  • A limited number of client filters

HubSpot Sales


This is a quality ecommerce system that can speed up sales, automate sales processes, and build them in a more effective way. It is built to suit various industries and teams with a lot of flexibility. HubSpot has the power to automate all operations related to sales, save a lot of time, and increase the overall productivity. It improves customer relationships, allows amazing follow-ups, lead gathering, and countless integrations.


  • A great choice of process automation
  • Many filtering options
  • Lead segmenting
  • Organizing leads
  • Great tracking system
  • Ease of use


  • More advanced features are costly
  • It can be difficult to share information within an organization

Bpm’online sales


Bpm’online sales can be viewed as part of a whole CRM system and it is designed to accelerate, manage, monitor, and automate the whole sales cycle. From the start of the lead gathering process to making repeat sales, it takes care of everything. Not only that it does a great job of improving sales processes, but it can bring together marketing, sales, and customer support on the same page, allowing them to function as one towards improving business results.


  • Full control over designing, tracking, managing, and automating sales processes
  • Accurate sales forecasts
  • Overviewing customer accounts in 360 degrees
  • Intuitive use
  • Customization of reports and sales processes
  • Automating mundane tasks


  • The number of functionalities could lead to finding it difficult to choose the best method
  • Some integrations require guidance from support teams

Infor CPQ


This is a configure price network solution which can be leveraged throughout the whole business network. It has a very user-friendly interface which allows creating and managing a single standard of processes from the start of the order until the delivery. It has great specific functionalities throughout a lot of tools, capabilities, and modules which can be used for specific industries. It reduces mistakes and puts all relevant information in a single location. It also offers a lot of accuracy and versatility.


  • Easy to modify for any business needs
  • Offers an amazing level of customization and accuracy towards specific processes


  • Crashes sometimes
  • Is not very intuitive

These are some of the most notable sales automation software solutions that we tried. There are many other ones out there and if you have tired them feel free to share your experiences and give us some information on them. Make sure to analyze your needs and learn more in-depth about software providers before choosing a solution.