My personal Grandfather Was a Modern-day Viking Beserker

Modern day scholars admit Berserker’s were Norse warriors who put on coats of bad guy or bear cases and fought in a trance of rage. I say that they were much more than of which. I believe that they actually transformed into wolves and bears!

Modern day day man features lost all regarding his spirituality in addition to therefore the belief in Supernatural happenings is lost in order to him. But the particular writings of hundreds and hundreds of scholars pre 1900’s, (When presently there was still a few spiritual energies in the world) wrote concerning shape shifting in addition to shape changing.

Glance at the modern day timeless classics, “Dracula” and the “Wolf Man. inch My Rune Expert told me in terms of believing what has been written, “where now there is smoke right now there is fire. inch

I have resistant of a Berserker in my own family. Though he don’t change shape. Our grandfather, who had been born in Laxa, sweden, would bite in his tongue and even go into the Rage whenever they fought. Which they did many times. He was gassed in France during WW1. He lost control off an about three story building whilst tarring a roof (and drunk). This individual lost the make use of of his left arm. In his 80’s he would take their SS check, get to his favourite bar, throw the check on the tavern and say “Throw me out when this really is gone. When you can. inch He still fought in his 80’s with one hand.

Berserkers were furthermore known as Odin’s warriors, for they all carried spears together runes either tattooed or driven on the bodies.

California king Harolds’s army involved a warrior team of Berserker’s who else fought under the name of the Norse God of War, Tyr. That they all carried Tyr’s rune, on their defends int battle.

Berserker’s are mentioned within the Ynglinga Saga. “Odin’s warriors hurried forward without armour, they were as mad a baby wolves or bears, amount their shields and even were as solid as wild Bulls, and killed individuals in one blow, but neither fire neither iron told upon themselves… “

Berserker’s appear in many of the Sagas in addition to poems including “The Saga of Hrolf Krakl. “

Inside Egil’s Saga, Egil’s grandfather was known as Kueld-ulf which methods “Werewolf. ” Kueld-ulf’s son, Skalla-Grimm has been a Berserker.

Typically the Varangian Guard (Norse Warriors working in the particular service from the Byzantine Empire) performed the “Berserker Dance” putting on animal skins and masks.

In 1015, Janc Eirkr Hakonarson of Norway banned Berserker’s and sentenced them to out lawry. By typically the 1100’s organized Berserker war bands vanished.

But based on our own new laws associated with Quantum Physics, Berserker’s still exist within the Quantum Ocean. You might want to attract one or perhaps two of these to protect your property in case you live within a bad part of town.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is an upon the market math professor plus electronics engineer. This individual has been researching astrology, runes, radionics, metaphysics and alternative healing treatments regarding over 30 yrs. They are 70+, within great health and even lives in the particular boonies of typically the Pocono mountains using his wife Lory. His writings are usually unique and relaxing. To see Viking axes of his writings check out his websites.

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