Power Your Way to Becoming a Red Team Cyber Security Expert

Red Teaming is a tradition of rigorously challenging policies, plans, systems, and assumptions by embracing the adversarial approach. Red teams are independent of the organizations. They are only hired by companies when they decide to check their security policies.

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The primary purpose of the Red Teams is to show how real-world attackers can accesses the organization’s networks, systems, and servers so that the security professionals can develop the solutions.

In this blog, I will tell you the three circumstances that call for a Red Team, elements of Red Team, and how to Power your way to becoming a Red team Cyber Security Expert.

Three circumstances that call for a Red Team:

1. If a lot of your money is at stake:

Many organizations are ruined without the correct security systems, so where there are few zeros in your company balance, you require a Red Team of skeptical nit-picky accountants. Urge them to strip off the emotion and simply look at the details.

2. When the decision is hard to undo:

Many decisions in life are hard to undo, just like marrying someone, getting a tattoo done, or building an entire security system and teams for your organizations. You must consult an expert like a Red Team member who can test your systems and tell you the security faults.

3. Company pressures:

Great leaders make fragile decisions, but they do not make careless/quick decisions. If you feel painfully pressured, take a day to verify with your Red Team. Demand them where they discern risks. The Right Red Team can assist you to avoid trouble.

The four elements of Red Teaming:

The four elements of Red Teaming are:

  • Observing the patterns
  • Making a plan
  • Blend in
  • Executing

The Red Team is not static. You have to remain dynamic and adapt each time you face the challenge. Being a Red Team member is very hard because it needs constant evaluation and unpredictability. Becoming predictable is one thing that a Red Team expert must avoid at all costs. Once you become predictable you are no longer challenging to the organizations, your career will be in great danger.

Once you start following the checklist, you are no longer mimicking the real-world attackers. You become nothing but a regular tester. As a Red Teamer, you should not have a playbook that you use to win. No. In reality, the more we can pre-game the game, the greater we will work and the more victorious we will be.

And this is the reason behind the four elements of Red Teaming. Every time you try to attack an organization, you must start everything from the beginning and afresh.

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