Reasons You Must Visit Thailand Once in Your Lifetime

Thailand is one of the most famous countries tourists love to visit because of its famously beautiful beaches, but Thailand doesn’t only have beautiful beaches to offer! The food, the nightlife, and the nature are all things that you will really love about Thailand and you can only experience this here. We will take you through 4 main reasons you must put Thailand on your travel bucket list.

The Beaches

From Phuket, Samui, Ko Samet, Krabi Pattaya, to Huahin contain one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the world with beaches like the famous paradise-like Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi or Railay beach. Being in one of these places, you will surely feel like you are in paradise, especially with the completely bright blue ocean and the white smooth sands. Going close to the beach, you will find tons of colorful fish swimming around because the water is that clear! All the Thai beaches have unique things to offer, you can even play and feed monkeys at the Monkey Beach in Phuket or the Pink Sand Beach, Sai Daeng Beach, where you can go coral reef snorkeling.

The Food

Everyone knows how good Thai food tastes and one of the main reasons to come here is to get the authentic Thai food taste in Thailand. Thailand doesn’t only have Pad Thai as a delicious dish, but many other sophisticated dishes like Green curry, Khao Soi, Guay Teow (Noodles), Papaya Salad. The best ones are always the ones in street food markets! You will get to taste the sophistication of Thai food and fall in love with it! Not only this, but Bangkok city has plenty of restaurants that mix international foods ranging from Italian, Japanese, German, French, Indians, Cuban, to Ethiopian food with Thai food. Foodies need to come here to get a new taste of what delicious means!

The Nightlife

Thailand may be extremely known for the famous Khao San Road for being a place for foreigners to enjoy having fun with cheap drinks and hanging out with other foreigners. Khao San Road is a great place to have fun but Thailand also has many bars to go to and chill too! If you want to get a cozy vibe along with live jazz music, Thailand has many of those. Or if you want to dance and move your hips, Thailand also has many of those. If you want a romantic, classy vibe, there are plenty of fine dining rooftop bars in Thailand such as the Mahanakhon Bangkok Sky Bar, which is the tallest building in Thailand. Or if anyone wants to have the best night of their lives, Phuket has the Full Moon party with neon lights and upbeat music, where you can dance all night long!

Elephant Sanctuaries

One unique thing about Thailand that many foreigners love is to get to see the elephants! If you have never seen one and want to have an extremely close encounter with them, you can do so in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where you don’t only see and feed them, but you get to shower for them and play with them for the whole day. Elephants are beautiful animals that have been tortured by being chained and forced to perform circus-like actions, but these sanctuaries in Chiang Mai ethically take good care of them. You will get to really connect to such a beautiful animal, and their fun and naughty actions (they like to spray water on you!) will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can’t get anywhere else.

All these reasons are why you NEED to come to visit Thailand before you die, at least once in your lifetime! If you decide to visit here, Thailand Pass Insurance can offer you a worry-free and easy process to enter Thailand. Thailand Pass Insurance provides you with the mandatory COVID travel insurance which will provide you with an approved Thailand Pass to enter Thailand. You don’t need to worry about the requirements to enter Thailand and can fully enjoy the time here. It will definitely be an experience you can’t get anywhere else, Thailand is waiting for you!


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