Sailing Yacht A in Porto Cervo


Porto Cervo is the heart of Costa Smeralda and is considered one of the most popular, luxurious, and expensive sailing destinations in Sardinia. It is known as one of the exclusive destinations for Hollywood stars.


While visiting Porto Cervo, you will see outstanding beaches, luxurious nightlife, branded shopping areas, and top dining areas. Porto Cervo Marina is one of the welcoming spots in the Mediterranean Sea beautiful housed in the harbor. From this place, you can go in the north direction to see La Maddelena Archipelago, where you can enjoy seeing the beauty of pink beach ‘Spiaggia Rosa’ on the island of Budelli, and many other islands and islets to watch.


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Sardinia is amongst the most popular sailing holiday destinations. Most celebrities are spotted on this island sailing on the superyacht in the bay. Home for shopping spots, fine dining, golf clubs, it is no surprise that most luxury yachts stop at Porto Cervo.

This holiday in Sardinia, Porto Cervo is the perfect destination for those who are shopping enthusiast, golf lovers and looking for fine dining options. Known for its fantastic sailing grounds, Porto Cervo also hosts several events like the Loro Piana and the Perini Navi Cup.

Sailing Yacht guide

There are so many reports featuring state-of-the-art marine life that accommodates motor yachts and sailing yachts without any hassle. Guests get plenty of options to play golf, visit designer boutiques, or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere which has come to define the beauty of this place. Once you are done with exploring the whole day, you can get nearby restaurants serving the best of Brazilian, Sardinian, and Italian food.

Itineraries in Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is well-located along the coast of Italy. This gives it the strength to include itineraries that include fantastic hotspots like you can stop at Porto Cervo when you board in Genoa and leave in Naples. You can also visit this place when you plan to have a longer sailing yacht vacation starting from the South of France to Greece.

How to enjoy the best in Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is a fantastic place to dive in. The specialty museums and designer boutiques of Porto Cervo are somethings that have attracted visitors from time to time. But still, if you want to enjoy the best spots, do not hesitate to contact your superyacht captain. He or she will be the best person to give you the best piece of advice on enjoying your vacations.

Unforgettable holiday

Experiencing Porto Cervo on a Yacht A, superyacht on this island is unforgettable especially when you include it in your itinerary.

Porto Cervo is one of the best destinations for sailing lovers looking for a superyacht hotspot. It is one of the popular destinations for party animals.