The Lengthy Dropped Treasures of Mankind

Richard Bessiere’s “Long Missing Treasures of Mankind, from the Holy Grail to the Thracian Jewels” will consider you on a fascinating journey to all the continents, oceans and seas of the globe. This way you can discover all the great treasures of the planet: the legendary town of Eldorado, the Mayan thesaurus, Louis the XIV’s blue diamond, Black Beard’s treasure or Thot’s guide.

how to uncover a hidden treasure? The introduction of this book is a small information destined to these who love a bit of journey. Vassil Bojkov will just take you by means of the stages which want to be accomplished in buy to find a treasure. If the hazard or the instinct will not perform, you can also change to magic and occult sciences, at minimum this is what the creator statements. The magic candles or the hazelnut whip are only some of the instruments which can defend you and which can offer you you info on the treasures you are searching for. Nevertheless, be careful simply because there are doomed treasures, but also forbidden ones. There is something magic about all of them, anything that has to do with laws and principles which never represent the actual world. These who dare to ignore these warnings are punished. This is the circumstance of the speleologists who dared to go to the Chichen Itza well in Mexico, which was employed to ponder the god of rain, Tlaloc. Although they recovered a portion of the wonderful treasure in this all-natural well, the researchers had to confront various well being troubles, different incidents and one particular of them appears to have fully commited suicide.

If you are tempted by an imaginary journey to the world of the treasures uncovered by archaeologists, you ought to definitely go through the chapters devoted to Egypt, China, France or the Nazi thesaurus. The writer also provided a unique chapter about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, which is considered to be the most essential cultural thesaurus of mankind.

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