Top 10 DIY ways to decorate your baby’s nursery

Being a parent is the most joyous moment of a person’s life. When a baby takes his first steps into your heart, you try to make sure that you can give him all the happiness in the world. You strive to make it all perfect for baby and this starts with decorating his nursery. A nursery is the first place that the baby identifies as his home and as a parent we try to make it extra special for them. So, here are some cheap DIY ideas that will help you to transform your baby’s nursery into absolute perfection without sparing an extra penny.

  1. Fairy lights: One of the easiest ways to add the magical touch to your kid’s nursery is to add a few strings of fairy lights on the walls and the ceiling. You can also opt for multicoloured fairy lights to get that magical aura in the nursery. You can pattern the fairy lights to spell out words or to form interesting designs too.
  2. Feather mobile: Mobiles are a great way to keep your baby entertained in his crib. So, why not opt for a DIY mobile which will add an ethereal theme to the nursery? Collect some feathers, colour them up in some interesting shades and hang them from a string in irregular lengths to form a feather chandelier mobile. The mobile will sway to the gusts of winds and will surely catch your kid’s attention.
  3. Book covers in frames: Rather than going down the familiar path of keeping your baby’s favourite sleeping time story books in the shelves, why not try something different? Print out the illustrative covers of your baby’s favourite bedtime story books and frame them up in colourful frames. Often there are some lucrative offers on frames which will help you to get them at an affordable price. Make at least three or four such frames and hang them up on the wall.
  4. Pompom garlands: Pomspoms add quite a bit of multicoloured happiness to the ambience of a nursery. Either you can make some pomspoms or you can buy a few from a store and then string them up to form garlands. You can put them up in exciting designs on a blank wall or all around the baby’s dresser.
  5. Handprint fun: There is no other creatively cute way to form a family portrait other than a handprint photo. Take your baby’s handprint on a piece of paper along with that of yours and your husband’s. Let it dry and then frame it a colourful frame. Keep the frame on the shelf alongside the rows of family photographs. Always remember to take the handprints in bright paint.
  6. Hot air balloon lamps: You can easily make hot air balloons for your baby with the help of paper lanterns. You can easily buy paper lanterns at a low price with the help of DealVoucherz. To the paper lantern attach a small wicker basket with the help of strings. Attach a bulb to the inside of the paper lantern and voila! Your hot air balloon lamps are ready. Remember to buy the brightest of the paper lamps as they attract a baby’s attention more than dull colours.
  7. Button art: If you have colourful buttons at your disposable make use of them by partaking in some button art. Draw the silhouette of the figure that you want to draw. Then go ahead and paste as many buttons as you want to fill the silhouette. Let the glue dry and then frame it up. It is as easy as that.
  8. Baby shower cards: If you have received a lot of baby shower cards, then you can make good use of them now. Install a soft board on one side of the wall and pin up the colourful baby shower cards on it. You can easily get a soft board at a discounted rate during sale.
  9. Paper flowers: You can make some big colourful paper Dahlia flowers to brighten up the entire look of the nursery. Make a few of them and adorn it on a blank wall to add a summery blossom feel to the whole of nursery.
  10. Colourful letters: You can cut out some alphabets out of cardboard and colour them with bright fun colours and paste them on the wall. You can also opt for glitters or even colourful yarns to wrap around the cardboard letters.