What to Wear During Hot Weather

The sun is shining and that means it is time for a new summer outfit. Jarlo London can present you with a new outfit. But before you empty your closet and fill it with new clothes, it might be nice to know which things you can wear when it’s hot. What kind of clothes can prevent you from a sunstroke? How should you dress when the temperature rises? What fabrics are recommended on hot summer days? Are there other fashion accessories that can help you to stray out of the sun? And how do you dress on a formal occasion that takes place on a hot day? These questions arise as the summer closes in. We would like to present you with at least some ideas for a nice summer outfit.


Summer Tops
Of course, you won’t wear a shirt with long sleeves when it’s hot outside. That much is clear. But what kind of tops can you where? A T-shirt, tank top or regular top are the kind of clothing that is seen most often during the hot months of the year. T-shirts and tops come in all forms and sizes. There are shirts in just one colour while others have elaborate prints and flashy images or logos. Think of the Hawaii shirts that you often see at the beach. There will always be at least some kind of shirt that you like. Visit various shops and see which shirt get you into the summer spirit.


Summer Bottoms
Of course, you cannot wear a shirt without a bottom. Summer is the time for shorts and skirts. Of course, you can also wear swim trunks or some other type of beachwear, although we only recommend those for beach outings or an excursion to a boulevard. For women, a skirt is a decent choice. They are available in both long, midi and mini version.


Other Summer Clothes
But there are more clothes that you can wear. Examples are playsuits, dresses, tunics and other clothes that are not too tight. The clothes should be made of an airy fabric. Cotton is one of the fabrics that keep you cool, but make sure you select the right kind of cotton. There are a lot of fake cotton clothes.


Protective Accessories
There are also some accessories that can protect you from the sun. Sunglasses are, without a doubt, the kind of accessory that is used most often. They can protect your eyes from harmful UV-rays. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there is always one that fits your outfit or looks. Another accessory that can provide some shelter from the sun is a hat. A big hat with a broad rim is often the best option when you cannot stay in the shade. But even a baseball cap keeps your head out of the sun. Furthermore, there are straw hats, parasols and so on. And don’t forget your sunscreen.


Formal Summer Clothes
For formal events, you can wear a pair of Capri pants and a nice shirt. The shirt should be unicolour or have a subtle print. You can also add the sunglasses and a classy hat if you want to.