Why You Should Select a uPVC Window

If you are considering installing uPVC windows into a property, whether it be a new property or a property that has old and rotting windows, then you are on the right track. We will discuss in this article what makes a uPVC window such a good choice in comparison to a timber window or an aluminium window. By the  upvc windows cost you have finished this brief article you will know that these windows are the correct choice for you.

These windows have many advantages over their counterparts, but the fact that they give such improved energy efficiency to a home is possibly the main reason why people install them. Taking the frame and glazing as a unit, a uPVC window offers excellent insulation and can improve dramatically the thermal capacity of your home. This in turn can have a huge beneficial effect on your heating bills.

These windows are a low maintenance choice of window. They do require cleaning to keep them looking fresh, but what window does not? Apart from that and some general lubrication of moving parts itis generally maintenance-free. Compare this to a timber window, which has to be painted every 5-7 years, depending on the weather conditions, in order to deter decaying of the wood and warping of the frame. Any window supplier will attest to the fact that a uPVC window needs a lot less care and maintenance than most other window types.

A large percentage of break-ins to domestic properties are through windows. Burglars like windows, as they are often left open and even if they are closed they can be a simple job to force open. This is not the case with a good quality PVC window, which will normally have a multi-point locking system built in to the frame. This added to the fact that glazing in these windows is usually of a strong type, means that a burglar has difficulty getting in through a uPVC window that is locked without making a lot of noise.

Speaking of noise, uPVC windows are a useful aid in suppressing sound pollution. This can depend on the type of glazing installed into the window frame. Special sound suppressing glazing can be an option if you are in a location that experiences heavy noise pollution.

Detractors of PVC-u windows to argue that they were nearly always white and that the range of styles that these windows that were available in was limited. This may have been true in the past, but there have been huge technological advances made in the their production of in recent years. You can now get one in almost any style that you can get a timber window in and the range of colours and wood effect designs available on the market in the present day makes a uPVC window an obvious choice for the vast majority of window purchasers.